Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics

(as it reflected in scientific literature)

Table of Contents

There are several chronologies of particle physics covered different periods of the development with different starting points. Newest known more or less complete chronology presented in the book of A. Pais "Inward Bounds" covers dates up to 1985. 

This chronology covers period starting from Perrin and Roentgen discoveries in 1895 up to the 1995 evidence of the top quark from FNAL, and  is continuously maintained up to date.

Summary database now contains near 600 records and additions are welcome. 

Collected Chronology database already might be treated as sufficient, but we expect many corrections from the people (accelerators, detectors, data handling methods). 

The theoretical results in grand unified theories, supersymmetry, quark/lepton substructure, technicolor, string theory, etc., have not been included because there has been no experimental confirmation.

This Chronology is a joint project of COMPAS (IHEP) and PDG (LBNL) .

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