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IHEP 96 - 13 (in English)
S.V.Golovkin, E.A.Kushnirenko, V.G.Vasil'chenko (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), A.I.Pyshchev, A.E.Zibert (Institute for Physical and Organic Chemistry, Rostov-na-Donu, Russia),V.M.Shershukov (Institute for Monocrystals, Khar'kov, Ukraine), A.S.Solov'ev (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
New Liquid Scintillators for Particle Detectors Based on Capillary Fibers
Protvino, 1996.- p.17, figs. 12, tables 3, refs.:28.

A study on optical and luminescent properties of liquid scintillators to be used in tracking detectors and calorimeters is presented. About 60 new scintillating dyes and 8 solvents have been investigated. Liquid scintillators based on 1-methylnaphthalene and a new IPN solvent containing 3M-15, R45, R6 and R39 dyes showed the scintillation efficiency of 34-52\% higher relative to the standard polystyrene scintillator. Quartz 0.5~mm capillaries filled with IPN~+~3~g/$l$ 3M-15 liquid scintillator exhibited the light attenuation length of about 3.2~m. The decay time constants of the liquid scintillators were about 6.2-7.6~ns. Vacuumed liquid scintillators based on 1-methylnaphthalene enhanced their scintillation efficiencies up to 24-32\% relative to those in air. A comparison between liquid-core scintillating fibers and plastic fibers is presented.

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