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IHEP 96 - 37 (in Russian)
E.N. Ardashev, V.Kh. Malyaev, G.Ya. Mitrofanov, A.M. Moiseev, A.V. Pleskach, A.I. Popov, G.I. Selivanov, A.A. Shirokov(IHEP, Protvino, Russia), V.I. Kireev, Yu.V. Khrenov, V.T. Tolmachev, E.P. Ustenko (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
Helium Refrigeration System of Liquid Hydrogen Rapid Cycling Bubble Chamber
Protvino, 1996.- p.25, figs. 12, tables 3, refs.:9.

Double -- loop helium refrigeration system is developed to stabilize working conditions of the liquid hydrogen rapid cycling bubble chamber which allows to reduce to minimum the used amount of liquid hydrogen and thus to localize a dangerous zone by the inside of the vacuum tank. At operating conditions this system is maintaining the temperature with the precision of $\pm 0.05~K$ and the internal pressure with the precision of $\pm 0.01$ bar. Expenditure of liquid helium is equal to 60~l/day.

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