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IHEP 2008 - 1 (In Russian)
A.V.Sannikov, V.N.Peleshko, E.N.Savitskaya, S.A.Drugachenok, M.M.Sukharev, S.E.Sukhih
A Dosimeter of Effective Dose of Mixed Radiation
Protvino, 2008. p. 11, figs. 7, table 1, refs.: 10.

A passive dosimeter for measurement of photon and neutron effective doses at isotropic irradiation has been developed. The device is a spherical polyethylene phantom with the DVGN-01 individual dosimeters placed on its surface and one DVGN-01 slide in its centre. The method based on the calculational and experimental data permits to measure photon and neutron effective doses, other characteristics of neutron fields, as well as to perform calibration of neutron individual dosimeters at personnel working places. The device is also promising as an area and accidental dosimeter of mixed radiation.

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