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IHEP 2008 - 29 (In Russian)
A.P.Vorobiev, S.N.Golovnya, V.F.Golovkin, S.A.Gorokhov, P.P.Korobchuk, V.Kh.Malyaev, Yu.P.Tsyupa (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), G.I.Aizenshtat, O.B.Koretskaya, O.P.Tolbanov, A.V.Tyazhev (Physical Thechnical Institute of Siberia, Tomsk)
The x-Ray Imaging System for Computer Tomography
Protvino, 2008. Ц 13 с., 17 рис., библиогр.: 4.

The x-ray imaging system for computer tomography with gallium arsenide (GaAs) semiconductor detectors, developed in IHEP, is described. The technical characteristics of the system have been presented and tests results discussed.

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