Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - VILLARD 1900
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Villard, P.;
Sur la Réflexion et la Réfraction des Rayons Cathodiques et des Rayons Déviables du Radium / On the Reflection and Refraction of Cathode Rays and Deviable Rays of Radium
Compt. Ren. 130 (1900) 1010;

Reprinted in
(translation into English, excerpt) The World of the Atom, editors H. A. Boorse and L. Motz, Basic Books, New York - London, V.I (1966) 447.

The deviable rays from radium behave like the cathode rays in Crookes tubes; the experiment was made in the following manner.
A small Quantity of radium-bearing barium chloride enclosed in a thin glass ampoule was placed in a lead tube, one of the ends of which, completely open, allowed a cone of rays of about 20 degrees spread to emerge. At 2 or 3 mm in front of this opening there was fixed a small aluminium plate, 0.3 mm thick, inclined at 45 degrees to the axis of the tube and placed in such a way as to intercept half the beam. All of this was placed on a photographic plate wrapped in a double sheet of black paper which received the emerging beam at almost grazing incidence. The impression produced on the photographic plate showed that the half-beam which had struck aluminium, instead of continuing its path in a straight line and remaining symmetrical with the non-intercept half beam, followed a direction clearly normal to the aluminium sheet. This refraction is accompanied by a strong scattering. Except for the greater thickness of metal traversed, the phenomenon is the same as in Crookes tubes.

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M. Curie, Compt. Ren. CXXX (1900) 73;

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