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IHEP 97 - 12
S.V.Golovkin et al.
Influence of Neutral Gas Atmospheres and Temperature on New Liquid Scintillators Light Outputs
Protvino, 1997.- p.8, figs. 6, tables 8, refs.:32.

Vacuumed green emitting light liquid scintillators based on 1-methylnaphthalene and a new IPN solvent enhanced their scintillation efficiencies up to 21-32% relative to those at room temperature in air. These enhanced levels of scintillation efficiencies remained practically unchanged in Ne, Ar and CO$_2$. The intrinsic light outputs for our best liquid scintillators in vacuum up to 55-63% in comparison with the anthracene have been attained. The light output temperature dependencies of liquid scintillators were studied. The light output of liquid scintillators based on 1-methylnaphthalene in air and on IPN solvent in vacuum were practically temperature independent in a temperature interval from -5$^o$C to +20$^o$C.

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