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IHEP 97 - 38 (in Russian)
Apokin V.D., Belikov N.I., Vasiliev A.N. et al.
The Experimental Set-up PROZA-M to Study Single-Spin Asymmetry in the Inclusive Neutral Meson Production at the U-70 Accelerator
Protvino, 1997.- p.23, figs. 14, tables 2, refs.:24.

The apparatus designed to study single spin asymmetry in the inclusive neutral meson production at the 14-th channel of the U-70 accelerator is described. The measurements were carried out with the use of secondary pion beam with 40 GeV/c momentum, and primary proton beam with 70 GeV/c momentum extracted from the main ring by bent crystal installed in the vacuum tube of the U-70. The main features of the apparatus, and the data acquisition system are described.

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