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IHEP 97 - 58
S.Akimenko et al.
A study of one-spin asymmetries in $pp_\uparrow$ and $\pi^-p_\uparrow$ interactions at 70 and 40 GeV/c. (Proposal of experiment RAMPEX.)
Protvino, 1997.- p.39, figs. 22, tables 2, refs.:53.
Corresponding author: V.Solovianov, L.Barabash, Yu.Usov, V.Vovchenko, A.D.Krisch

A Russian-AMerican Polarization EXperiment (RAMPEX) has been proposed to study one-spin asymmetries in the hadron production processes on polarized target $p(\pi^-)+p_\uparrow$ --> h + X and $p(\pi^-)+p_\uparrow$ --> $h_1 + h_2 + X$ at the initial proton beam momentum 70 GeV/c and initial pi- beam momentum 40 GeV/c.

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