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IHEP 97 - 62
G.I.Britvich, V.G.Vasil'chenko ( IHEP, Protvino), A.S.Solov'ev ( JINR, Dubna)
Composite Media Based on SiO2 -- Gels Polymerized in a New Green Emitting Light Polystyrene Scintillator
Protvino, 1997.- p.4, figs. 2, tables 1, refs.:4.

Scintillation properties of a new green emitting light polystyrene scintillator containing 2% pTP+0.05% K-27 dopants with the light output of about $\sim$50% in comparison with anthrathene and composite scintillators based on SiO$_2$-gels were studied. Under high energy particles excitation a light output of about 15% in comparison with anthracene for a composite scintillator was attained.

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