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IHEP 98 - 15 (in Russian)
A.G.Afonin, V.M.Biryukov, V.A.Gavrilushkin, V.N.Gres', B.A.Zelenov, V.I.Kotov, V.A.Maisheev, A.V.Minchenko, V.N.Terekhov, E.F.Troyanov, Yu.A.Chesnokov (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), M.G.Gordeeva, A.S.Denisov, Yu.M.Ivanov, A.A.Petrunin, V.V.Skorobogatov, B.A.Chunin (PNPI, St.Petersburg, Russia)
First Results on Experimental Study of Efficient Crystal Extraction at 70 GeV IHEP Accelerator
Protvino, 1998.- p.10, figs. 5, refs.:11.

A radical increase of extraction efficiency is reached with the use of a short crystal, bent at a small angle of 1,7 mrad. Unlike with a long crystal, another mechanism of the efficiency growth of particles extraction begins to work, which is related to the increase of an average number of particles passing through a crystal. The 20% extraction efficiency which agrees with the theory has been experimentally achieved by means of a 7-mm long crystal. A record value of extracted beem intensity of about 1,9...10$^{11}$ ppp is reached.

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