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IHEP 98 - 42 (in Russian)
V.E.Borodin, V.N.Zapol'sky, V.P.Kryuchkov, S.L.Kuchinin, V.N.Lebedev, B.A.Serebryakov
Radiation Shielding of Accelerator and Experimental Area of IHEP
Protvino, 1998.- p.29, figs. 5, tables 5, refs.:32.

A long-term experience to create the radiation shielding of particle channels and experimental installations at the IHEP experimental complex is generalized. Physical and mathematical aspects of radiation shielding designing, connected with calculations of radiation transport through the matter are shown. The main radiation problems of high energy proton accelerators and particle channels are stated. Methods of their decision are briefly described.

A brief analysis of hadron and muon radiation sources with IHEP high intensity particle channels is presented. Accelerator radiation and now succesfully operating experimental complex is described. The analysis of radiation control system data at the IHEP experimental complex are the past few years testifier to the reliability of the designed radiation shielding and as confirms validity of the developed calculational apparatus as well.

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