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V.V.Ammosov, V.A.Gapienko, V.F.Konstantinov, Yu.M.Sviridov, V.G.Zaets (IHEP, Protvino, Russia),
Study of Avalanche Mode Operation of Resistive Plate Chambers with Different Gas Gap Structures
Protvino, 1998.- p.13, figs. 8, tables 2, refs.:9.

Operation of narrow gap, wide gap and multigap RPCs in an avalanche mode was studied. No advantage in the avalanche-streamer separation was found for the wide gap and multigap chambers operating with Ar-based mixture as compared with the narrow gap chamber. For dense tetrafluoroethane-based mixture, proportionality was observed between streamer-free plateau width and total gas thickness, in a rough agreement with the corresponding shift of the maximum of avalanche charge distributions from zero. The best result was obtained for the double-gap chamber with the read-out electrode located between two subgaps.

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