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IHEP 98 - 54
V.A. Korotkov, S.B. Nurushev, K.E. Shestermanov, A.N. Vasiliev(IHEP, Protvino, Russia), A.A. Bogdanov, V.A. Okorokov, M.N. Strikhanov(JINR, Dubna, Russia)
The Inclusive Neutral Pion Polarimeter for High Energy Accelerators/Colliders
Protvino, 1998.- p.16, figs. 9, tables 2, refs.:15.

The inclusive pio polarimeter (INPP)is proposed for the oncoming polarized RHIC collider and for the proton ring of accelerator HERA (if polarized). The attractive features of such a polarimeter are a high counting rate, a high analyzing power, a complete azimuthal coverage. It fits also the requirements to be applicable over a large energy region starting at the injection energy and lasting up to the top accelerator/collider energy, as well as to be readjustable for fixed target and collider modes of operations. A sketch of simple apparatus for the INPP application is proposed and the running time estimates are given for polarized RHIC and polarized HERA-p assuming that the analyzing power is the same as it was measured by Fermilab E704 Collaboration and it does not vary with initial energy.

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