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IHEP 98 - 69 (in Russian)
A.V. Pleskach
Method of Evalution of the of Cold Electronics Stability Inside Cryogenic Detectors Towards on Chips Surfaces Boiling
Protvino, 1998.- p.11, figs. 3, tables 6, refs.:9.

The paper is devoted to the consideration of cold electronics stability housed inside a cryogenic detector to the chips surfaces boiling. The influence of a material of the chip surface, where heat exchange occurs, on the boiling stability (i.e. the appearence of the first bubbles of vapor) is determined and the advisability of coating of metal surfaces of amplifier chips and printed boards with by the material of a low heat accumulation capacity is proved. Such a coating, for example, with teflon, must have a depth exceeding the depth of penetration of heat variations. The detailed calculations of the probability of boiling on the cold amplifier chips are performed for the particular conditions of the liquid argon hadronic end-cap calorimeter of the ATLAS detector.

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