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G.I. Britvich,I.G. Britvich, V.G. Vasil'chenko, V.A. Lishin, V.F. Obraztsov, V.A. Polyakov(IHEP, Protvino, Russia), A.S. Solov'ev,(JINR, Dubna, Russia) , V.D. (Institute of Monocrystals, Khar'kov, Ukraine )
New Heavy Scintillating Materials for Precise Heterogeneous EM-Calorimeters
Protvino, 1998.- p.16, figs. 9, tables 2, refs.:31.

The investigation results of some optical and scintillation characteristics of new scintillating media based on heavy composite materials and an inorganic crystal $CsI:Br$, intended for the creation of precise heterogeneous EM-calorimeters with the energy resolution $\sigma/E\cong 4-5\%/\sqrt{E}$, are presented. The possibility to use cheap heavy scintillating plates based on optical ceramics as active media in heterogeneous EM-calorimeters is considered.

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