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IHEP 98 - 72 (In Russian)
A.N. Vasil'ev, V.N. Grishin, Yu.A. Matulenko, V.V. Mochalov, A.I. Pavlinov, L.F. Solov'ev, V.L. Solov'yanov
Experimental Study of Angular Dependence of the Electromagnetic Shower
Protvino, 1998.- p.11, figs. 10, tables 1, refs.:4.

The experimental result of the shape and reconstructed energy of the electromagnetic shower on dependence of the angle is presented. The measurements were made for lead glass calorimeter at 26.6 GeV at different angles from 0 to 20 degrees. It is necessary to take into account energy outside 5x5 cells for angles bigger than 10 degrees. At smaller angles the coordinates are reconstructed with sufficient accuracy without any special procedure.

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