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IHEP 98 - 84
V.V. Abramov
A New Scaling for Single-Spin Asymmetry in Meson and Baryon Hadroproduction
Protvino, 1998.- p.24, figs. 25, tables 9, refs.:33.

Experimental data on single-spin asymmetries for inclusive meson and baryon production in proton-hadron collisions have been analyzed. It is found that the existing data can be described by a simple function of collision energy ($\sqrt{s}$), transverse momentum ($p_{T}$) and a new scaling variable $x_{A}$ = $E/E^{BEAM}$. At beam energies above 40 GeV and $p_{T}$ above 1.0 GeV/c single-spin asymmetries are described by a function of $x_{A}$ and $p_{T}$ only ($A_{N}=F(p_{T})G(x_{A})$) for both polarized proton fragmentation and central regions of proton-hadron collision. Discovery of this new scaling allows one to predict single-spin asymmetries for kinematic regions, not yet explored in experiments and to confront these predictions with future experiments and various models. The new scaling allows one also to use different reactions as polarimeters for experiments with polarized beam or target.

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