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IHEP 2008 - 17 (In Russian)
A.P.Vorobiev, A.A.Kiriakov, V.M.Ronzhin, V.N.Riadovikov (Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia), V.Yu.Volkov, A.V.Kubarovsky, V.V.Popov (D.V.Skobelitsyn Institute for Nuclear Physics MSU, Moskow, Russia) ,
Efficiency of Registration for Charmed D0-Mesons in pA-Interactions at 70 GeV with SVD-2 Setup.
Protvino, 2008. p. 17, figs. 18, refs.: 13.

The results of mathematical simulation for pA-interactions in SVD-2 setup are presented for E-184 experiment with FRITIOF7.02 and GEANT3.21 programs. These results are compared with experimental data. The set of criterions for selection of feasible two-particles decays of charmed D0-mesons are optimized. Efficiency of data handling system for these events is evaluated. Predictions for numbers of events with charmed particles decays after handling and analysis of data are obtained.

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