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IHEP 2010 - 3 (In English)
N.M.Agababyan (JINR, Dubna, Russia), [V.V.Ammosov], A.A.Ivanilov, V.A.Korotkov (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), N.Grigoryan, G.Gulkanyan, Zh.Karamyan (Yerevan Physics Institute, Armenia)
Charged ρ Meson Production in Neutrino Induced Reactions at ⟨Eν ⟩ ≈ 10 GeV
Protvino, 2010. p. 12, figs.: 6, tables 2, refs.: 21.

The production of charged ρ mesons on nuclei and nucleons is investigated in charged current neutrino interactions at moderate energies (⟨Eν ⟩ ≈ 10 GeV), using the date obtained with SKAT bubble chamber. No strong nuclear effects are observed in ρ+ and ρ- production. The fractions of charged and neutral pions originating from ρ decays are obtained and compared with higher energy data. From analysis of the obtained and available data on ρ+ and K*+(892) neutrino production, the strangeness suppression factor is extracted: λs = 0.18± 0.03. Estimation is obtained for cross section of coherent ρ+ neutrino production on nuclei.

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