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IHEP 2010 - 5 (In English)
N.M.Agababyan (JINR, Dubna, Russia), [V.V.Ammosov], A.A.Ivanilov, V.A.Korotkov (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), N.Grigoryan, G.Gulkanyan, Zh.Karamyan (Yerevan Physics Institute, Armenia)
A Study of the Neutrino Production of φ and D+s Mesons
Protvino, 2010. – p. 11, figs. 3, tables 1, refs.: 16.

The charged current neutrino production of φ and D+s mesons is studied, using the data obtained with the SKAT bubble chamber exposed to the Serpukhov accelerator neutrino beam. It is found that the φ production occurs predominantly in the forward hemisphere of the hadronic c.m.s. (at xF > 0, xF being the Feynman variable), with the mean yield strongly exceeding the expected yield of directly produced φ mesons and varying from ⟨ nφ(xF > 0) ⟩ = (0.92±0.34) ⋅ 10-2 at W > 2 GeV up to (1.23±0.53) ⋅ 10-2 at W > 2.6 GeV and (1.44±0.69)⋅ 10-2 at W > 2.9 GeV, W being the invariant mass of the hadronic system. For the first time, the inclusive yield of leading D+s mesons carrying more than z = 0.85 of the current c-quark energy is estimated: ⟨ nD+s(z > 0.85, W > 2.9 GeV) ⟩ = (6.64±1.91) ⋅ 10-2. It is shown, that the shape of measured φ meson differential spectrum on xF is reproduced by that expected from the D+s → φ X decays. An indication was obtained that this expected spectrum underestimates the measured φ yield.

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