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IHEP 98 - 29 (in Russian)
Relativistic Model of Mesons with Current Quark Masses
Protvino, 1998.- p.22, tables 6, refs.:17.

We consider a relativistic quantum model of mesons, in which current quarks and antiquarks obey the Dirac equations and the gluon field contribution at large distances is described by the straight-line Nambu-Goto quantum string. The current quark masses and the string tension are the main parameters of the model. The gluon field contribution at small distances not growing with the meson spin is taken into account phenomenologically. The model describes well the meson mass spectrum from pion to Upsilon lying on the main Regge trajectories (i.e. lowest radial excitations in terms of the potential model) and allows one to obtain the current quark masses. The relativistic wave functions of composite mesons are obtained, which show, in particular, that the spin structure of light-quark mesons is substantially different from predictions of the nonrelativistic quark model. Masses of new mesons are obtained and the comparison with the Godfrey-Isgur model is made.

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