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IHEP 98 - 69 (in Russian)
V.V. Kiselev
Universal Scaling Relations for Coupling Constants of Mesons Containing Heavy Quarks
Protvino, 1998.- p.43, figs. 3, tables 7, refs.:75.

The formulation of quasi-local sum rules for the S-wave levels in a heavy quarkonium and the region of their applicability are discussed. The sum rules allow one to use the regularity in the mass spectrum and to derive scaling relations for the leptonic decay constants, which stand in a good agreement with the current experimental data for the vector states in the systems of charmonium and bottomonium. The generalization of proposed method to heavy mesons with a single heavy quark is performed, so that for the latter systems, the scaling relation, consistent with the Heavy Quark Effective Theory, is derived. Numerical estimates are presented for the QCD parameters in the heavy quark sector: the quark masses, coupling constant $\alpha_s$, binding energy and average square of heavy quark momentum inside the heavy meson. The sum rules for the meson currents, determining the decay constant of heavy vector quarkonium to the pair of heavy pseudoscalar mesons are considered to get the scaling relation, connecting the decay constants for the quarkonia with the different quark contents. The comparison with the experimental data points to a good agreement of the theoretical estimates. Some properties of the $(\bar b c)$ quarkonium are predicted on the basis of scaling relations derived

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