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IHEP 98 - 73 (In Russian)
Yu.F. Pirogov
Background Field Method in Gauge Theories
Protvino, 1998.- p.68, figs. 7, refs.:28.

An alternative quantization scheme for the gauge theories is presented in the textbook. The scheme is based on the background field method (BFM). Contrary to the conventional scheme, the method results in the explicitly gauge invariant effective action from which the simple QED-like Ward identities for the vertex functions follow. Because of these identities the vertex functions have improved UV and IR properties, as well as a more reasonable high energy behaviour. An application of the BFM to the Standard Model (SM) of the strong and electroweak interactions is considered. The consistent on-mass-shell renormalization of the electroweak interactions, retaining the background gauge symmetry, is presented. The BFM drastically simplifies the practical calculations. Besides, the explicit gauge invariance of the effective action makes the physical restrictions put by gauge symmetry on the off-mass-shell Green functions more stringent and clear-cut. The latter is of special importance for the model independent extensions beyond the~SM.

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