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IHEP 98 - 87
S.I. Alekhin, A.L. Kataev
The NLO DGLAP extraction of alphas and higher twist terms from CCFR xF3 and F2 structure functions data for $\nu N$ DIS
Protvino, 1998.- p.9, figs. 1, tables 2, refs.:37.

We perform a detailed NLO analysis of the combined CCFR $xF_3$ and $F_2$ structure functions data and extract the value of $\alpha_s$, parameters of distributions and higher-twist (HT) terms using a direct solution of the DGLAP equation. The value of $\alpha_s(M_Z)=0.1222\pm 0.0048 (exp)\pm 0.0040(theor)$ is obtained. Our result has a larger central value and errors than the original one of the CCFR collaboration due to model independent parametrization of the HT contributions. The $x$-shapes of the HT contributions to $xF_3$ and $F_2$ are in agreement with the results of other model-independent extractions and are in qualitative agreement with the predictions of the infrared renormalon model. We also argue that the low $x$ CCFR data might have inaccuracies, since their inclusion into the fits leads to the following low $x$-behaviour of the gluon distribution $xG(x,9~$GeV$^2) \sim x^{0.092\pm 0.0073}$, in contradiction with the results of its extraction from low $x$ HERA data.

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