Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - ANDERSON 1953B
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Anderson, C.D.; Cowan, E.W.; Leighton, R.B.; Van Lint, V.A.J.;
Cascade Decay of V Particles. I.
Phys. Rev. 92 (1953) 1089 (H3);

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Contributed paper to the APS Meeting, September, 1-5, 1953, Albuquerque.

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Three cloud-chamber exposures of a charged V particle apparently decaying into a V0 particle in a magnetic field have been taken at Pasadena. In a similar previous case, the V0 particle could not be classified as to type. The new data provide strong evidence for the reality of cascade decays, and identify the V0 particle as a V01 (decaying into p -). In all three cases the parent charged V particle is negative and emits a negative or meson. The above conclusions are based on measurements of
1. relative positions of decay points in the cloud chamber,
2. "coplanarity,''
3. momenta and ionizations of secondary particles, and
4. position and number of nuclear events in which V particles might originate.
In all three cases the line of flight of the V0 particle makes a much smaller angle with the positive decay product than with the negative, +/- = 0.16, 0.22, and 0.41, thus indicating the decay products of the V0 particle to have unequal masses.

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More (later) information appears in
E. W. Cowan et al., Phys. Rev. 92 (1953) 1089;
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R. Armenteros et al., Phil. Mag. 43 (1952) 597;

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