Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - PEVSNER 1961
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Pevsner, A.; Kraemer, R.W.; Nussbaum, M.; Richardson, C.S.; Schlein, P.; Strand, R.C.; Toohig, T.; Block, M.M.; Engler, A.; Gessaroli, R.; Meltzer, C.;
Evidence for a Three-Pion Resonance Near 550 MeV
Phys. Rev. Lett. 7 (1961) 421;

Reprinted in
R. N. Cahn and G. Goldhaber, The Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics, Cambridge Univ. Press (1991) 138.

A study has been under way of multipion resonances in + deuteron reactions observed in the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory 72-in. bubble chamber exposed to a 1.23 BeV/c pion beam from the Bevatron. A preliminary report on this research was given at the Aix-en-Provence Conference on Elementary Particles where the existence of the meson reported by the Berkeley group was confirmed. Since then these data have been substantially increased, although the experiment is still in progress. The existence of a second neutral 3-pion resonance with a mass of approximately 550 MeV is indicated by this larger sample of events. (Extracted from the introductory part of the paper.).

Accelerator LBL Detectors DBC-72IN

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  + deuteron 2p + o 1.23 GeV (Plab) mass, ang
  + n p + o 1.23 GeV (Plab) mass, ang
  + o
  + o

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  ex, mass, w, qn

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