Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - AGNEW 1958
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics

AGNEW 1958

Agnew, L.; Elioff, T.; Fowler, W.B.; Gilly, L.; Lander, R.; Oswald, L.; Powell, W.M.; Segrè, E.; Steiner, H.; White, H.; Wiegand, C.; Ypsilantis, T.;
p Elastic and Charge Exchange Scattering at About 120 MeV
Phys. Rev. 110 (1958) 994;

We have observed 478 antiprotons entering the chamber. One such event is shown. The complete analysis of these events is in progress; however, a preliminary report on the p elastic scattering is now available. A total of 33 p elastic collisions have been observed over a path length of 179 meters. The scatterings occur between 30 and 215 MeV with an average energy of 120 MeV. Only -p scatterings with angles > 7.5 (lab) were identifiable because otherwise the energy of the recoil proton was too small to make a visible track, so that these scatterings are indistinguishable from C. (Extracted from the introductory part of the paper.).

Accelerator LBL Detectors HLBC-30IN

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J. S. Ball and G. F. Chew, Phys. Rev. 109 (1958) 1385;
J. R. Fulco, Phys. Rev. 110 (1958) 784;

  p p .12 GeV (Tlab) cs, angp
  p n .12 GeV (Tlab) cs, angp
  p 3+ 2

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