Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - ARMENTEROS 1951B
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Armenteros, R.; Barker, K.H.; Butler, C.C.; Cachon, A.;
The Properties of Neutral V-Particles
Phil. Mag. 42 (1951) 1113;

In a cloud-chamber investigation at 2867 m altitude 70 V-tracks due to decay of neutral V-particles have been observed. An analysis has been made on the basis of the two-body decay process: V01 p and V02 + and it is concluded that the presented limited data are consistent with these two processes. The ratio of the numbers of the two types of V-particles is found to be NV10/NV20 = 1.6 0.5 and accurate mass estimate have been obtained for 12 examples of the first type of decay and for eight examples of the second type. The results are consistent with the unique mass values (2203 12) me and (796 27) me respectively. The possibility that there are neutral secondary particles among the decay products cannot be excluded. However, some evidence is presented that seems to exclude an explanation of the observation in terms of two modes of decay of a heavy particle each giving a nucleon and two mesons. Finally, it is concluded that there are probably two types of neutral V-particles.

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More (earlier) information appears in
R. Armenteros et al., Nature 167 (1951) 501;

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Evidence for the possible existence of the hyperon. First evidence for the Ko meson.
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