Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - ARMENTEROS 1952
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Armenteros, R.; Barker, K.H.; Butler, C.C.; Cachon, A.; York, C.M.;
The Properties of Charged V Particles
Phil. Mag. 43 (1952) 597;

Twenty one examples of the decay of charged V-particles have been found among 25000 counter-controlled cloud-chamber photographs obtained on the Pic-du-Midi.
These events have been analysed and compared with the data obtained by other groups. The measurements show that, if the majority of the V-tracks are produced by one type of particle having a single mode of decay, there must be at least two neutral secondary particles, in addition to the charged secondary particle. The latter is probably a - or a -meson and the combined mass of the neutral particles must be less than 1000me. Since the -particles, of mass about 1200me, which were discovered in photographic emulsions, also decay into a charged meson and at least two neutral particles, it is plausible to assume provisionally, that the V-particles and the -particles are the same. On this assumption most of the available data concerning V and -particles can be explained if the unstable particle has a mass of about 1200me and decays into a charged -meson, a o-meson and a neutrino, or alternatively into a charged -meson and two neutrinos. As yet no direct evidence has been found for the existence of a o-meson in the decay scheme. One negatively charged V-particle probably produced a neutral V-track and a charged meson.

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