Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - ARMENTEROS 1955
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Armenteros, R.; Gregory, B.P.; Hendel, A.; Lagarrigue, A.; Leprince-Ringuet, L.; Muller, F.; Peyrou, C.;
Further Discussion of the K Decay Mode
Nuovo Cim. 1 (1955) 915;

After a description of the methods used in the measurements of momentum and range, the data on 46 S-events obtained with a double cloud-chamber experiment are examined. Momentum-range measurements on 22 positive S's give a mass consistent with a single value at (928 13) me. The analysis of the ranges of the secondaries shows, however, that not all S-events can be explained by a single decay mode. A large proportion of the secondaries correspond to a light meson of unique range (75.7 1.7) g cm-2 Cu. The comparison of this range with the measured masses of the primary particles proves that these secondaries are -mesons. The accompanying neutral secondary is shown at the same time to be a particle of zero mass. The absence of cascade showers associated with S-events with long range secondaries shows that the neutral secondary is a neutrino. The decay mode K previously proposed is more firmly established. Two independent mass estimates are obtained for the K-particle. One - from momentum-range measurements - gives directly (90 6 27) me. Another - from the mode of decay and the range of the -secondary - gives indirectly (941 11) me. A final best mass of (935 15) me is obtained by the combination of the two estimates after taking into account possible additional errors. The K particle is then shown to be essentially positive and to constitute (66 18)% of the S's which passed through the top chamber. No precise information can be obtained as to the mode of decay of S-particles which are known not to belong to the K-decay mode.

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