Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - ARTAMONOV 1984B
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Artamonov, A.S. et al.
A High Precision Measurement of the (1S), (2S) and (3S) Meson Masses
Phys. Lett. 137B (1984) 272; NOVO-83-84 (1983);

An experiment has been performed at the storage ring VEPP-4 using MD-1 detector. The resonance depolarization method has been employed for the absolute calibration of the beam energy. This has allowed the accuracy of the mass measurement to be improved by a factor of ten. The following mass values of (1S), (2S) and (3S) mesons have been obtained: M((1S)) = 9460.0 0.4 MeV, M((2S)) = 10023.8 0.5 MeV, M((3S)) = 10355.5 0.5 MeV.

Accelerator NOVO-VEPP-4 Detectors MD-1

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  e+ e 2hadron (hadrons) 9.4-10.4 GeV (Ecm) cs

Particles studied
  (1S) mass
  (2S) mass
  (3S) mass

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Implementation of the resonance depolarization method of the beams energy calibration to the high precision measurements of heavy e+ e resonances.
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