Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - BEZNOGIKH 1969
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Beznogikh, G.G.; Buyak, A.; Iovchev, K.I.; Kirillova, L.; Markov, P.; Morozov, B.A.; Nikitin, A.V.; Nomokonov, P.V.; Shafranova, M.; Sviridov, V.; Truong Bien; Zayachki, V.I.; Zhidkov, N.K.; Zolin, L.S.; Nurushev, S.B.; Solovianov, V.L.;
The Slope Parameter of the Differential Cross-Section of Elastic p p Scattering in Energy Range 12-70 GeV
Phys. Lett. 30B (1969) 274; Yad. Phys. 10 (1969) 1212; Sov. J. Nucl. Phys. 10 (1969) 687;

The measurements of the differential cross section of elastic p p scattering in relative units were performed in the energy range of 12-70 GeV. The values of the slope parameter were obtained from this data. It was shown that the slope parameter of the differential p p scattering is monotonously increasing when the proton energy rises in the range 12-70 GeV. We have obtained the slope Pomeranchuk's pole trajectory from this data: ' P = 0.40 0.09.

Accelerator SERP Detectors CNTR

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  p p 2p 12.-70. GeV (Elab) angp

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Experimental evidence for the increasing diffraction slope parameter.
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