Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - BJORKLUND 1950
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Bjorklund, R.; Crandall, W.E.; Moyer, B.J.; York, H.F.;
High Energy Photons from Proton-Nucleon Collisions
Phys. Rev. 77 (1950) 213;

High energy photons (up to 200 MeV) are emitted by various cyclotron targets when these are bombarded by protons with energies greater than 180 MeV. Spectral distributions, angular distributions, and yields are given for various proton energies and targets. Various possible origins are discussed in the light of the experimental observations.

Accelerator LBL-CYC-184IN Detectors CNTR

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  p Be X 340,350 MeV (Tlab) angp, p
  p C X 180,230,290,340 MeV (Tlab) angp, p
  p Cu X 340 MeV (Tlab) angp, p
  p Ta X 340 MeV (Tlab) angp, p
  p nucleon mesono X
  mesono 2

Particles studied
  mesono ex, mass
  o ex, mass

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