Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - COWAN 1954
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics

COWAN 1954

Cowan, E.W.;
A V-Decay Event with a Heavy Negative Secondary, and Identification of the Secondary V-Decay Event in a Cascade
Phys. Rev. 94 (1954) 161;

Two cosmic-ray decay events have been photographed in a cloud chamber under conditions that yield mass values from combined magnetic-field momentum measurements and ionization measurements from droplet counting. A method has been developed for assigning meaningful probable errors to the ionization measurements. The first event is interpreted as the decay of a neutral V particle into a positive meson and a negative particle of mass 1850 250me. On the assumption of a two-body decay, the Q value for the decay is 11.7 4 MeV. The second event is a cascade decay that can be summarized by the following reaction: Y- 67 12 MeV + -0 40 13 MeV + - p. The proton of the 0 decay is identified by a measured mass of 2050 350me. On the assumption of a two body decay, the mass of the primary V particle is 2600 34me.

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