Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - DE BROGLIE 1923
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics

  Nobel prize to L. de Broglie awarded in 1929 "for his discovery of the wave nature of electrons''  


de Broglie, L.;
Ondes et Quanta / Waves and Quanta
Compt. Ren. 177 (1923) 507;

This mathematical paper first arrives at the following result: The atom of light, equivalent on account of its total energy to a radiation of frequency , is the seat of a periodic internal phenomenon, which, seen by a fixed observer, has at each point of space the same phase as a wave of frequency propagated in the same direction with a speed sensibly equal (although very slightly superior) to the so-termed constant speed of light. The author then deals with the case of an electron describing a closed curve with a uniform speed sensibly lower than the velocity of light. The condition of stability derived is found to be that established by Bohr and Sommerfeld. When the speed varies along the trajectory, the Bohr-Einstein formula is obtained under certain conditions. (Science Abstract, 1924, 256. H.H.Ho.).

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M. Brillouin, Compt. Ren. 168 (1919) 1318;

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Suggestion of the corpuscular-wave dualism for electrons - de Broglie waves of matter particles.
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