Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - FOWLER 1954C
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Fowler, W.B.; Shutt, R.P.; Thorndike, A.M.; Whittemore, W.L.;
Production of Heavy Unstable Particles by Negative Pions
Phys. Rev. 93 (1954) 861;

Reprinted in
R. N. Cahn and G. Goldhaber, The Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics, Cambridge Univ. Press (1991) 75.
The Physical Review - the First Hundred Years, AIP Press (1995) 838.

In addition to two previously discussed cloud-chamber examples of V-particle production by 1.5 BeV mesons from the Cosmotron, four further examples are discussed here. In two of the new examples a 0(V10) and a vartheta0(V40) are seen to decay in a geometry indicating that they were produced together in a p collision. A third example is best interpreted as production of a -(V1-) together with a K+(V+2) by a colliding with a proton. A fourth example shows of ~ 1 millibarn for V-particle production is inferred from the number of p collisions observed.

Accelerator BNL-COSMOTRON Detectors CLOUD

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Experiment comments
26000 photographs, 4 events with associative strange particle production.

  p Ko 1.5 GeV (Tlab) cs
  p K+ 1.5 GeV (Tlab) cs
  Ko +

Particles studied
  ex, mass, w

Record comments
Confirmation of the existence of the . Evidence for the associated production of strange particles.
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