Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - GLASSER 1961
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Glasser, R.G.; Seeman, N.; Stiller, B.;
Mean Lifetime of the Neutral Pion
Phys. Rev. 123 (1961) 1014;

An estimate of the mean lifetime of the o meson has been obtained from an experiment employing a direct time-of-flight technique first attempted by Harris et al. in 1957. This method is based upon the observation in nuclear emulsion of the decay of the K+2 meson (K+ + o) and the subsequent decay of the o via the Dalitz mode, o e+ e . In the present experiment we were able to utilize a new fine-grained emulsion (Ilford L.4) that yielded markedly improved resolution. The availability of the separated K+ beam from the Bevatron at Berkeley permitted detection and measurement of 76 Dalitz decays. We obtain, for the mean lifetime of the o, = (1.9 0.5) x 10-16 sec.

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Experiment comments
28600 K+ endings in emulsion, 75 cases of Dalitz decays, one event of double Dalitz decay.

  K+ + o
  o 2e 2e+
  o e e+

Particles studied
  o w

Record comments
First conclusive measurements of the o lifetime.
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