Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - MATVEEV 1973
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Matveev, V.A.; Muradyan, R.M.; Tavkhelidze, A.N.;
Automodelism in the Large-Angle Elastic Scattering and Structure of Hadrons
Lett. Nuovo Cim. 7 (1973) 719;

In this paper we should like to point to the possibility of revealing a local or pointlike structure of hadrons in pure hadronic reactions of elastic scattering at large momentum transfers. In the framework of the quark model by using the principle of automodelism it is shown that in the limit - t, s infty at t/s fixed the automodel asymptotic relations for the differential cross-sections of elastic hadron-hadron and electron-hadron reactions of Table I hold.
In the general case of two-particle collisions the differential cross-section of large-angle scattering has the asymptotics fracddt(ab,\to,ab) s infty atop to 40ptrightarrowfill atop t/s fixed 1 / s2(na+nb-1)fab(t/s). (1)
center Table I.
tabular |l|c| hline Reaction a b a b & d/dt cr hline hline p p p p & (1/s10)fpp(t/s) cr hline p p & (1/s8)f p(t/s) cr hline & (1/s6)f (t/s) cr hline e p e p & (1/s6)fep(t/s) cr hline e e & (1/s4)fe(t/s) cr hline e e e e & (1/s2)fee(t/s) cr hline tabular
center Here na and nb are the numbers of constituent quarks of a and b particles, e.g. for proton np = 3 and for pion n = 2. Considering an electron as a structureless particle we should put ne = 1 in formula (1) for reactions with electrons.
Attempts to the derivation of the power character of the asymptotic behaviour of differential cross-sections at large angles have been done in a number of recent works from the various model assumptions. (Extracted from the introductory part of the paper.).

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Quark counting rules for asymptotic energy power low behavior of the binary hadronic amplitudes at large fixed angles.
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