Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - RUTHERFORD 1913
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Rutherford, E.;
The Structure of the Atom
Nature 92 (1913) 423; Phil. Mag. 27 (1914) 488;

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The present paper and the accompanying paper by Mr. Darwin deal with certain points in connection with the "nucleus'' theory of the atom which were purposely omitted in my first communication on that subject (Phil. Mag. May 1911). A brief account is given of the later investigations which have been made to test the theory and of the deductions which can be drawn from them. At the same time a brief statement is given of recent observations on the passage of particles through hydrogen, which throw important light on the dimension of the nucleus. (Extracted from the introductory part of the paper.).

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  He Pb(atom) Pb(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Au(atom) Au(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Pt(atom) Pt(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Sn(atom) Sn(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Ag(atom) Ag(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Cu(atom) Cu(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Fe(atom) Fe(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Al(atom) Al(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He H(atom) He H(atom) angp, a-dep
  e Al(atom) Al(atom) e angp, a-dep
  e Cu(atom) Cu(atom) e angp, a-dep
  e Ag(atom) Ag(atom) e angp, a-dep
  e Pt(atom) Pt(atom) e angp, a-dep

Particles studied
  nucleus ex, qn
  p ex, qn

Record comments
Confirmation of the existence of atomic nuclei. First indication of the existence of the proton.
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