Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - WALKER 1955D
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Walker, W.D.;
- Production in p Collisions at 1 BeV
Phys. Rev. 98 (1955) 1407;

Two examples of 0-0 production have been found in the collision of 1.0 Bev - mesons with protons. Data on these two cases are given. The two cases are qualitatively similar, yet there are quantitative differences in terms of the angles of production of the 0 and 0 particles. One case is internally consistent with the production of a 0 and 0 directly. The other case, in which the 0 and 0 particles seem slightly noncoplanar with the incoming - meson, is not internally consistent with the direct production of a 0 and 0. It is likely that either the 0 or the 0 or both 0 and 0 are the products of decay of heavier parents. It is also possible that a light particle ( or ) may be produced simultaneously with the 0 and 0. If one supposes that the 0 is the product of decay of a heavier parent then the Q of such a parent, were it to decay into a proton and - meson, is calculated to be 117 30 MeV. This Q value is close to that of the charged hyperons. A short-lived neutral hyperon of this mass has been predicted by Gell-Mann.

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  p Ko 1.11 GeV (Elab) cs
  p o Ko 1.11 GeV (Elab) cs
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Confirmation of associated production of strange particles. First indication of the existence of the o.
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