Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - DAVIES 1955
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


G-Stack collaboration; Davies, J.H. et al.
On the Masses and Modes of Decay of Heavy Mesons Produced by Cosmic Radiation
Nuovo Cim. 2 (1955) 1063;

A large emulsion stack, exposed at high altitude, has been used to study the decay-modes of K-particles which produce a single charged secondary. The 5 decay modes, K, , , K and ' have been recognized from the nature and energy of the charged secondary. The masses of the parent particles of the two-body decay modes, K and , found from the mean range of the charged secondary are (976 7) me and (969 3) me respectively. Independent values derived from measurements of the scattering of the secondary track near the decay point are (954 17) and (972 3) me respectively. The reliability of these mass values is discussed. An examination of the relative frequency of the decay modes in these experimental conditions indicates that the K- and - modes constitute respectively about 67% and 20% of all the K-particle decays: the K, and ' modes being present to about 9%, 3% and 1% respectively.

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  K+ + o
  K+ +
  K+ + 2o
  K o
  K+ e+ 2neutral
  K e 2neutral
  K+ + 2neutral
  K 2neutral

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  K+ mass, pw
  K mass, pw

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Measurements of charged kaon decay branching fractions.
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