Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - RUTHERFORD 1911
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics


Rutherford, E.;
The Scattering of - and - Particles by Matter and the Structure of the Atom
Phil. Mag. 21 (1911) 669;

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Reprinted in
The Old Quantum Theory, ed. by D. ter Haar, Pergamon Press (1967) 108.
The WORLD of the ATOM, editors H. A. Boorse and L. Motz, Basic Books, Inc. Publishers, New York - London, v.I (1966) 707.

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Analyse data from
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  He Pb(atom) Pb(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Au(atom) Au(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Pt(atom) Pt(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Sn(atom) Sn(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Ag(atom) Ag(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Cu(atom) Cu(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Fe(atom) Fe(atom) He angp, a-dep
  He Al(atom) Al(atom) He angp, a-dep
  e Al(atom) Al(atom) e angp, a-dep
  e Cu(atom) Cu(atom) e angp, a-dep
  e Ag(atom) Ag(atom) e angp, a-dep
  e Pt(atom) Pt(atom) e angp, a-dep

Particles studied
  nucleus ex, qn

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Evidence for the atomic nucleus. Rutherford model for atomic structure.
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