Preprints 2000

IHEP 20 - 1 (In Russian)
A.G.Alexeev, P.F.Maslyaev(RSRFTRI, Mendeleevo, Moscow region, Russia) V.N.Lebedev, A.V.Sannikov, A.P.Panfilov(Ministry of Atomic Energy, Moscow, Russia), Yu.V.Bystrov, E.V.Kos'yanenko
The Comparison of Photon Radiation Individual Dosimeters (Compar-98)
Protvino, 2000.-p.12, figs.5, tables 4, refs.:6.
IHEP 20 - 2
Yu.F. Pirogov
Parameter Counting for Neutrino Mixing
Protvino, 2000.-p. 6, tables 4, refs.:37.
IHEP 20 - 3 (In Russian)
R.N. Rogalyov
Chiral Anomaly in the Reactions Kgamma-->Kpi
Protvino, 2000.-p.13, figs.5, refs.:15.
IHEP 20 - 4
M.V.Saveliev, A.B.Zuevsky
Quantum Vertex Operators for Sine-Gordon Model
Protvino, 2000.-p.21, refs.:37.
IHEP 20 - 6 (In Russian)
I.A.Zvonarev, A.D.Ryabov, L.M.Sevryukova
Calculation of Geometric Sizes and Basic Electrodynamics Parameters of RF Cavity for SVAAP
Protvino, 2000.-p.11, figs.9, tables 2, refs.:21.
IHEP 20 - 8 (In Russian)
A.F.Dunaitsev, A.P.Leonov, A.F.Lukyantsev, N.K.Marchihin, N.N. Rabsky, A.V.Savelev, A,N.Sytin, S.N.Fedotov
Modern Tendency of Design and Manufacturing of Electronics in IHEP
Protvino, 2000.-p.17, figs.6, tables 1, refs.:30.
IHEP 20 - 9 (In Russian)
V.A.Petrov, A.V.Prokudin
The Proton Structure Function F2p(x,Q2) in the Framework of Extended Regge - Eikonal Approach
Protvino, 2000.-p.11, figs.6, tables 1, refs.:7.
IHEP 20 - 10 (In Russian)
Study of the Factors Influencing the Composition of the Mixture of Gases for Proportional Chambers.
Protvino, 2000.-p.14, figs.6, tables 7, refs.:7.
IHEP 2000 - 11 (In Russian)
A.P.Bugorsky, A.N.Vasil'ev, V.N.Grishin, V.V.Mochalov, A.V.Minchenko, P.A.Semenov, V.L.Solov'yanov, A.G.Ufimtsev, M.N.Ukhanov, Yu.S.Fedotov, Yu.V.Kharlov
Extraction of 70 GeV Proton Beam to RAMPEX with a bent Si Crystal
Protvino, 2000.-p.14, figs.9, refs.:9.
IHEP 20 - 12
Parametrizing and Rephasing Neutrino Mixing
Protvino, 2000.-p.17, refs.:16.
IHEP 20 - 13 (In Russian)
G.I.Krupny, D.V.Snitko, A.A.Yanovich
Cross-Section of Responses Al27(p,spall)Be7, Al27(p,3p3n) Na22 and Al27(p,3pn)Na24 in a Range of Energies of Protons 37 MeV - 70 GeV
Protvino, 2000.-p.5, figs.1, tables 2, refs.:11.
IHEP 20 - 14 (In Russian)
I.A.Zvonarev, O.A.Mamaev, A.D.Ryabov, L.M.Sevryukova
Analysis of Thermal Fields in Superconducting RF-Structures for SVAAP.
Protvino, 2000.-p.11, figs.4, tables 5, refs.:19.
IHEP 2000 - 15
S.S. Gershtein
Oscillating Structure of gamma - Bursts and their Possible Origin
Protvino, 2000.- p.9, figs 2, refs.:37.
IHEP 2000 - 16 (In Russian)
E.N.Ardashev, V.N.Ryadovikov, A.G.Holodenko (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), L.V.Pilavova (NIITAP, Zelenograd, Russia), Yu.P.Petuhov (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Mechanical Structure Materials for ATLAS SCT Modules (Contact Method)
Protvino, 2000.-p.10, figs.8, tables 2, refs.:9.
IHEP 2000 - 17
Statistical properties of the estimator using covariance matrix
Protvino, 2000.- p.12, figs 2, refs.:17.
IHEP 2000 - 18 (In Russian)
A.P. Leonov
About Approach to the Choos of the EDA-Tools
Protvino, 2000.- p.12, tables 2, refs.:6.
IHEP 2000 - 20 (In Russian)
L.D. Soloviev
Glueballs in the String Quark Model
Protvino, 2000.- p.10, figs 2, refs.:7.
IHEP 20 - 21 (In Russian)
O.K.Beliaev, V.E.Borodin, V.B. Stepanov
Increase of the Disrupting Strength in the Acccelerator with RFQ-Focusing
Protvino, 2000.-p.8, figs.3, tables 3, refs.:12.
IHEP 20 - 22 (In Russian)
Study of Atmospheric Conditions Influence on the Precision Functioning of Pressure Regulators in Gas Desks for Proportional Chambers
Protvino, 2000.- p.9, figs 5, refs.:5.
IHEP 2000 - 23 (In Russian)
M.Yu.Bogolyubsky, L.L.Kurchaninov, M.S.Levitsky, A.A.Minaenko, A.M.Moiseev, E.N.Paramoshkina, A.V.Pleskach
The Mechanical Support Structure of the Precision Vertex Detector for Investigations at the U-70 Accelerator
Protvino, 2000.-p.12, figs.8, refs.:10.
IHEP 2000 - 26 (In Russian)
S.I.Kuptsov, V.N.Peleshko, A.L.Sumarokov, M.N.Chimankov, V.A.Klyushnikov
Detectors and Hardware Equipment of the Radiation Control System of U-70 Accelerator
Protvino, 2000.-p.17, figs.9, tables 2, refs.:5.
IHEP 2000 - 27 (In Russian)
Rare Kaon Decays, Standard Model and New Physics
Protvino, 2000.-p.88, figs.25, tables 14, refs.:146.
IHEP 2000 - 28 (In Russian)
N.P.Lukutsova (GITA, Bryansk, Russia), O.Yu.Kozlov, G.I.Krupny, M.A.Maslov, Ya.N.Rastsvetalov, A.A.Yanovich (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)
The Radiation Safety of Construction Materials and Industrial Waste
Protvino, 2000.-p.6, figs.1, tables 2, refs.:7.
IHEP 2000 - 29 (In Russian)
N.P.Lukutsova (GITA, Bryansk, Russia), O.Yu.Kozlov, G.I.Krupny, Ya.N.Rastsvetalov, A.A.Yanovich (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)
On the Emanation Coefficient of Construction Materials
Protvino, 2000.-p.5, tables 1, refs.:9.
IHEP 2000 - 30 (In Russian)
G.I.Krupny, G.N.Stetsenko, A.A.Yanovich
Methodical problems the use of threshold activation detectors in radiation researches at the IHEP accelerator complex
Protvino, 2000.-p.10, figs.5, tables 3, refs.:11.
IHEP 20 - 31 (In Russian)
A.I.Ivanenko (Branch of the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Protvino, Russia), M.V.Foursa, P.A.Shcherbakov (Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia)
Fluxmeter for Measurements of Magnetic Susceptibility of Stainless Steel
Protvino, 2000.- p.4, figs 1, refs.:6.
IHEP 20 - 32 (In Russian)
B.N.Gus'kov, L.J.Zhiltsova (JINR, Dubna, Russia), V.S.Datsko, V.N.Peleshko (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)
Suppression of Cherencov Light in Polystyrene Matrix
Protvino, 2000.- p.6, figs 4, refs.:9.
IHEP 2000 - 33 (In Russian)
A.B.Berezina , E.V.Gnucheva (NPO "Plastik", Moscow, Russia), V.S.Datsko (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)
Material for Radiationhard Electromagnetic Calorimeter
Protvino, 2000.- p.9, figs 5, refs.:25.
IHEP 2000 - 34 (In Russian)
G.I.Krupny, G.N. Stetsenko, A.A.Yanovich (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)
Secondary Radiation Yield from a Surface of Heavy Targets, Irradiated by Protons of Aver-age Energies (Еp 1 GeV)
Protvino, 2000.-p.12, figs.3, tables 8, refs.:8.
IHEP 2000 - 35 (In Russian)
A.G.Alexeev, N.N.Baranenkov, Yu.V.Bystrov, (IHEP, Protvino, Russia) B.A.Bezrukov, I.V.Dolzhenkov, V.P.Kryuchkov (Rosenrgoatom, Moscow, Russia)
Personal Neutron Dosimeter DVN-A-01
Protvino, 2000.-p.13, figs.14, tables 3, refs.:15.
IHEP 2000 - 36
A.A.Bogdanov, S.B.Nurushev, A.Penzo
New approaches to the pp total cross section measurements at polarized colliders
Protvino, 2000.-p.14, figs.3, tables 5, refs.:25.
IHEP 2000 - 37 (In Russian)
I.L.Azhgirey, V.V.Talanov
Simulation of the Radiation Field Formation Around the CMS Forward Shielding. The Evaluation of the Engineering Design Efficiency
Protvino, 2000.-p.16, figs.7, tables 1, refs.:14.
IHEP 2000 - 38
M.V.Foursa , D.A.Murashev , S.R.Slabospitsky
Charged Higgs Contribution into $\boldmath t \bar b$-Pair Production in Hadronic Collisions
Protvino, 2000.-p.14, figs.8, tables 3, refs.:20.
IHEP 2000 - 39 (In Russian)
Global Fit to the Charged Leptons DIS Data: alphas, Parton Distributions, and High Twists
Protvino, 2000.-p.33, figs.14, tables 6, refs.:72.
IHEP 2000 - 40
On Dependence of Nonperturbative Contributions in $\bar\alpha_s(q^2)$ on an Initial Approximation of Perturbation Theory in an Analytical Approach to QCD
Protvino, 2000.-p.9, tables 2, refs.:10.
IHEP 2000 - 41 (In Russian)
M.D.Bavizhev, L.Sh.Dokumova, R.M.Goshokov (Scientific Technology Institute, Cherkessk, Russia), E.A.Merker (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), V.V.Kaplin (TPU, Tomsk, Russia)
On Possibility of High Energy Proton Beams Detection with Рarametric X--Ray Radiation in Monocrystals
Protvino, 2000.-p.5, figs.5, refs.:11.
IHEP 2000 - 42
A.N.Vasiliev, S.B.Nurushev (IHEP, Protvino, Russia),A.A.Bogdanov,M.F.Runtzo, M.N.Strikhanov (Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute, Russia)
The Local Inclusive Photon Polarimeter for RHIC
Protvino, 2000.-p.17, figs.9, tables 6, refs.:13.
IHEP 2000 - 43
A.M. Blik, M.Yu.Bogolyubsky, S.V.Erin, M.O.Lobanov, N.G.Minaev, S.A.Sadovsky, V.D.Samoylenko, V.I.Suzdalev, V.V.Tikhinov, Yu.V.Kharlov(IHEP, Protvino, Russia), А.Д.Мауро, П.Мартиненго, Ф.Пиуз, Дж. Ван Билен, Д.Вильямс(ЦЕРН, Женева, Швейцария), M.S.Ippolitov, Yu.G.Sibiryak, M.A.Volkov(Russian Reseach centre Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, Russia), А.Кловнинг, О.А.Маеланд, О.Х.Одланд, Р.Ронгвед(Отделение физики университета г.Берген, Норвегия),Б.Скаали(Отделение физики университета г.Осло, Норвегия)(IHEP, Protvino, Russia), V.V.Kaplin (TPU, Tomsk, Russia)
Charged Particle Detector on the Basis of Proportional Tubes with Cathode-Pad Readout
Protvino, 2000.-p.12, figs.12, refs.:15.
IHEP 2000 - 44
V.A.Anikeeva, V.G.Bornyakov
Solution of Partial Eigenvalue Problem in Lattice Gauge Theory
Protvino, 2000.-p.4, tables 1, refs.:4.
IHEP 2000 - 45 (In Russian)
O.M.Mamaev, I.A.Zvonarev, L.M.Sevryukova
Superconducting Accelerating RF-Structure Stability at a High Energy Level from the Point of View of Thermal Balance.
Protvino, 2000.-p.9, figs.7, tables 2, refs.:17.
IHEP 2000 - 46 (In Russian)
V.N.Larin, V.V.Ezhela
On the Quantum of Action Centenary
Protvino, 2000.-p.12, figs.12, refs.:15.
IHEP 2000 - 47
Vector-to-Pseudoscalar and Meson-to-Baryon Ratios in Hadronic Z Decays at LEP
Protvino, 2000.-p.7, figs.2, tables 1, refs.:41.
IHEP 20 - 53 (In Russian)
Study of Secondary Field Formation and Radiation Loads in the Central Region Detectors of the LHCb Experiment at LHC
Protvino, 2000.-p.20, figs.9, tables 3, refs.:29.
IHEP 2000 - 54 (In Russian)
Path Integral Measure Factorization when Exploiting the Dependent Coordinates Reduction
Protvino, 2000.-p.24, refs.:22.
IHEP 2000 - 55
Peculiarities of Particle Motion in the Plane Monochromatic Electromagnetic Wave Field
Protvino, 2000.-p.9, tables 10, refs.:6.
IHEP 2000 - 56
V.V.Braguta, A.E.Chalov ( Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia)
Pair production of doubly heavy diquarks
Protvino, 2000.-p.12, figs.4, refs.:6.
IHEP 2000 - 57 (In Russian)
V.V.Braguta, A.E.Chalov ( Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia) A.A.Likhoded (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)
Transverse Vuon Polarization in the $K_{l2\gamma}$ Decay Due to the Electromagnetic Final State Interaction
Protvino, 2000.-p.11, figs.4, refs.:9.
IHEP 2000 - 59
A.A. Arkhipov
Three-body Forces, Single Diffraction Dissociation and Shadow Corrections to Hadron-Deuteron Total Cross-Sections
Protvino, 2000.-p.19, figs.9, tables 1, refs.:22.
IHEP 2000 - 60 (In Russian)
A.A.Logunov, M.A.Mestvirishvili
An Accelerated Coordinate System Is Not a Special Case of the Physical Gravitational Field
Protvino, 2000.-p.4, refs.:4.
IHEP 20 - 61
S.S.Bityukov (IHEP, Protvino, Russia) N.V.Krasnikov (Institute for Nuclear Research RAS, Moscow, Russia), V.A.Taperechkina (Moscow State Academy of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science, Serpukhov, Moscow Region, Russia)
Confidence Intervals for Poisson Distribution Parameter
Protvino, 2000.-p.13, figs.5, tables 4, refs.:13.
IHEP 20 - 62 (In Russian)
V.Ch.Zhukovsky, V.V.Khudyakov (MSU, Moscow, Russia) K.G.Klimenko (IHEP,Protvino, Russia), D. Ebert (Institut fur Physik, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Germany)
Magnetic Catalysis of Parity Breaking in a Massive Gross-Neveu Model and High-Temperature Superconductivity
Protvino, 2000.-p.8, figs.2, tables 1, refs.:21.
IHEP 2000 - 63
Gauge-invariant description of W-pair production in NLO approximation
Protvino, 2000.-p.9, figs.2, refs.:23.
IHEP 2000 - 64 (In Russian)
N.G.Minaev, V.D.Samoylenko, E.A.Slobodyuk
Possibility Estimation for Neural Net Use in Electromagnetic Calorimeter Trigger
Protvino, 2000.-p.6, figs.3, refs.:5.
IHEP 20 - 65 (In Russian)
S.S.Gershtein, A.V.Luchinsky
On Ortho--Para Transition in the Muonic Molecule $\boldmath{pp\mu}$
Protvino, 2000.-p.9, figs.1, tables 1, refs.:19.
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