Preprints 2001

IHEP 2001 - 2
A.G.Abramov, N.A.Galyaev, V.I.Garkusha, F.N.Novoskoltsev, A.D.Ryabov, V.G.Zarucheisky (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), J.Hylen (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, USA)
Beam Optics and Target Conceptual Designs for the NuMI Project
Protvino, 2001.- p.22, figs. 16, tables 7, refs.:24.
IHEP 2001 - 3
Twist-2 Polarized Fragmentation Function in the Open Charm Production in DIS
Protvino, 2001.-p.3, figs.4.
IHEP 2001 - 4
The Small-Angle Vector Meson Production by Polarized Photons at SPring-8
Protvino, 2001.- p.3.
IHEP 2001 - 5 (In Russian)
Contribution of Electromagnetic Interactions into the Transverse Polarization of the Muon in the Decay $K \rightarrow \mu \nu \gamma$
Protvino, 2001.- p.11, figs. 4, refs.:10.
IHEP 2001 - 6 (In Russian)
V.E.Balakin, Yu.D.Valyaev, A.V.Larionov, V.E.Teryaev (Branch of the Institute of Nuclear Science RAS, Protvino, Russia), Chin Y.Н. (KEK, Japan)
Development of Toshiba PPM Klystron Electron-optical System
Protvino, 2001.- p.12, figs. 11, refs.:6.
IHEP 2001 - 7 (In Russian)
Optimization of Electromagnetic Calorimeter Structure
Protvino, 2001.-p.4, figs.2, tables 1, refs.:2.
IHEP 2001 - 8 (In Russian)
A.N.Vasil'ev, A.M.Davidenko, Yu.A.Matulenko, V.V.Mochalov, P.A.Semenov, L.F.Solov'ev, V.L.Solov'yanov
Experimental Investigation of Digital Trigger for Large pt Registration
Protvino, 2001.-p.7, figs.3, tables 2, refs.:3.
IHEP 2001 - 9
M.L. Nekrasov
OMS scheme of UV renormalization in the presence of unstable fundamental particles
Protvino, 2001.- p.7, refs.:12.
IHEP 2001 - 10 (In Russian)
Phase Stability of Bunches in PS with RF Beam Control
Protvino, 2001.-p.11, figs.9.
IHEP 2001 - 12 (In Russian)
Quantum Computations
Protvino, 2001.- p.24, figs. 1, refs.:30.
IHEP 2001 - 13
Universal Scaling Behaviour of the Transverse Polarization for Inclusively Produced Hyperons in Hadron-Hadron collisions
Protvino, 2001.- p.41, figs. 26, tables 12, refs.:67.
IHEP 2001 - 14
M.Yu.Bogolyubsky et al.
Mehtods of the Coordinate Reconstruction in the Gaseous Detectors with Cathode Readout
Protvino, 2001.-p.21, figs.13, tables 3, refs.:14.
IHEP 2001 - 15 (In Russian)
B.A.Arbuzov, M.Yu.Osipov
On Deviations from the Standard Model in a Variant of a Dynamical Breaking of the Electroweak Symmetry
Protvino, 2001.- p.15, figs. 5, refs.:15.
IHEP 2001 - 16 (In Rissian and English)
A.A.Logunov, M.A.Mestvirishvili
The Causality Principle in the Field Theory of Gravitation
Protvino, 2001.- p.9, refs.:6.
IHEP 2001 - 17 (In Russian)
Electronic Simulation: Peculiarities of Resistors
Protvino, 2001.-p.7, figs.4, tables 1, refs.:4.
IHEP 2001 - 18
S.I.Alekhin, V.B.Anykeyev, A.A.Borisov, N.I.Bozhko, S.K.Chernichenko, R.M.Fachrutdinov, V.N.Goryachev, S.V.Goryachev, M.M.Kirsanov, A.I.Kononov, A.S.Kozhin, V.V.Lipajev, A.I.Mukhin, Y.I.Salomatin, Y.M.Sviridov, V.L.Tumakov, A.S.Vovenko (Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia) Y.A.Batusov, S.A.Bunyatov, O.Y.Denisov, M.Y.Kazarinov, O.L.Klimov, A.V.Krasnoperov, Y.A.Nefedov, B.A.Popov, S.N.Prakhov, V.I.Snyatkov, V.V.Tereshchenko (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia)
Determination of the High-Twist Contribution to the Structure Function $xF^{\nu N}_3
Protvino, 2001.- p.6, figs. 1, tables 1, refs.:21.
IHEP 2001 - 19
Yu.F. Pirogov
Space-time symplectic extension
Protvino, 2001.- p.11, refs.:9.
IHEP 2001 - 20 (In Rissian)
G.A.Bogdanova, M.V.Vasil'ev, V.Yu.Volkov, A.E.Kiryunin, L.L.Kurchaninov, M.S.Levitsky, A.A.Minaenko, A.M.Moiseev, A.V.Pleskach, E.A.Usenko, Yu.P.Tsyupa
The stand for the measurements of vertex detector silicon counters of SVD set up
Protvino, 2001.-p.8, figs.5, tables 1, refs.:8.
IHEP 2001 - 21 (In Russian)
A.M.Kiver, V.G.Lapygyn, K.G.Mirzoev
The Investigation of Some Parameters of Sputter-Ion Pumps of Vacuum System U-70
Protvino, 2001.- p.5, figs. 4, refs.:4.
IHEP 2001 - 22
A.G.Afonin et al.
Progress in the Studies of Proton Beam Extraction from U-70 by Means of Bent Monocrystals
Protvino, 2001.-p.7, figs.4, tables 1, refs.:11.
IHEP 2001 - 23
A.A. Arkhipov
Proton-Proton Total Cross-Sections from the Window of Cosmic Ray Experiments
Protvino, 2001.- p.10, figs. 7, refs.:23.
IHEP 2001 - 24
A.Uzunian, A.Vasiliev (Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia), J.Yarba(Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, USA)
First results on simulation of radiation environment at BTeV electromagnetic calorimeter
Protvino, 2001.- p.9, figs. 6, refs.:11.
IHEP 2001 - 25
O.V.Zenin, V.V.Ezhela, S.B.Lugovsky (COMPAS Group, IHEP, Protvino, Russia), M.R. Whalley (HEPDATA Group, Durham University, Durham, UK), K. Kang (Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Brown University),S.K. Kang (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)
A compilation of total cross section data e+e- --> hadrons and pQCD tests
Protvino, 2001.- p.24, figs. 9, tables 3, refs.:115.
IHEP 2001 - 26
O.M.Mamaev, Sevryukova L.M.
Study of Methods of the Origin for Quench in the SC Accelerating RF Structure
Protvino, 2001.-p.8, figs.10, tables 2, refs.:12.
IHEP 2001 - 27
V.V. Ezhela, V.N. Larin
The Physical Constants for Mathematica
Protvino, 2001.- p.5, refs.:3.
IHEP 2001 - 28 (In Russian and English)
S.S.Gershtein, A.A.Logunov, M.A.Mestvirishvili
The Graviton Production in a Hot Homogeneous Isotropic Universe
Protvino, 2001.- p.5, refs.:4.
IHEP 2001 - 29 (In Russian)
N.Agababyan, G.Ayvazyan, M.Atayan, N.Grigoryan, G.Gulkanyan, Zh.Karamyan (Erevan Physics Institute, Armenia), V.V. Ammosov, A.A.Ivanilov, V.A.Korotkov (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)
A Study of Cumulative Proton Production Mechanisms in Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions
Protvino, 2001.-p.9, figs.3, tables 1, refs.:14.
IHEP 2001 - 30
Impact of the three-loop corrections on the QCD analysis of the deep-inelastic-scattering data
Protvino, 2001.- p.8, figs. 4, tables 2, refs.:19.
IHEP 2001 - 31 (In Russian )
E.N.Ardashev, V.V.Babintsev, A.P.Vorobiev, E.A.Usenko, A.G.Holodenko, Yu.P.Tsyupa, N.A.Shalanda(IHEP, Protvino, Russia), G.A.Bogdanova, V.Yu.Volkov, A.K.Leflat (Moscow State University), L.V.Pilavova, B.I.Cherny (Institute for technology and automatization, Zelenograd, Russia), Yu.P.Petukhov (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
The prototype of silicon live target of SVD-2 set-up.
Protvino, 2001.- p.11, figs. 8, refs.:3.
IHEP 2001 - 32
Kholodenko A.G.(Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia), Heinzinger K., Moser H.-G. (Max-Planck Institut fur Physik, Munich, Germany)
Measurement of the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Quasi Mono-Crystal Pyrolitic Graphite Samples
Protvino, 2001.- p.9, figs. 12, refs.:7.
IHEP 2001 - 33
Troshin S.M., Tyurin N.E.
Unitarity Constraints and Role of Geometrical Effects in Deep - Inelastic Scattering and Vector - Meson Electroproduction
Protvino, 2001.- p.15, figs. 7, refs.:33.
IHEP 2001 - 34
V.V.Molchanov (Full list of authors is given at page 11)
Radiative Decay width of the a2(1320)- Meson
Protvino, 2001.- p.11, figs. 5, tables 2, refs.:29.
IHEP 2001 - 35 (In Russian)
Boundary Values as Hamiltonian Variables.
III. Ideal Fluid with a Free Surface
Protvino, 2001.- p.24, refs.:23.
IHEP 2001 - 36 (In Russian)
S.N.Golovnya, A.A.Kiryakov, A.G.Holodenko, Yu.P. Tsyupa (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), G.A.Bogdanova, V.Yu.Volkov,D.E.Karmanov, M.M.Merkin (INR MSU, Moscow, Russia)
Testing the Mikrostrips Detectors Nodules of SVD-2 Experiment
Protvino, 2001.-p.10, figs.7, tables 3, refs.:8.
IHEP 2001 - 37
Determination of the Strangeness Content of Light-flavour Isoscalars from Their Production Rates in Hadronic Z Decays at LEP
Protvino, 2001.- p.5, figs. 3, refs.:22.
IHEP 2001 - 38 (In Russian)
A.E.Kiryunin, L.L.Kurchaninov, M.S.Levitsky, A.A.Minaenko, A.M.Moiseev
Simulation of Characteristics of the Active Target with Silicon Counters.
Protvino, 2001.-p.24, figs.12, tables 10, refs.:14.
IHEP 2001 - 39 (In Russian)
M.S.Levitsky, A.E.Kiryunin, L.L.Kurchaninov, A.A.Minaenko, A.M.Moiseev, A.V.Pleskach
A Study of Possibilities of Recoil Deutrons Identification by Using Semiconductor Counters
Protvino, 2001.-p.19, figs.10, tables 1, refs.:13.
IHEP 2001 - 40 (In Russian)
The Graviton On Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Electrodynamics
Protvino, 2001.- p.11, refs.:10.
IHEP 2001 - 41 (In Russian)
A.A.Logunov, M.A.Mestvirishvili
On the Localizability of the Gravitational Energy
Protvino, 2001.- p.4, refs.:3.
IHEP 2001 - 42 (In Russian)
S.N.Golovnya, S.A.Gorokhov, Yu.V.Rodnov, Yu.P.Tsyupa
Installation for Measurement of Parameters GaAs Detectors
Protvino, 2001.-p.7, figs.9, tables 1, refs.:12.
IHEP 2001 - 43 (In Russian)
V.S.Datsko, N.A.Datsko
The High Density Watersoluble Salt Using in Particle Detectors.
Protvino, 2001.-p.11, figs.5, tables 3, refs.:19.
IHEP 2001 - 44
On a Manifestation of Dibaryon Resonances in the Structure of Proton-Proton Total Cross-Section at Low Energies
Protvino, 2001.-p.6, figs.3, tables 1, refs.:12.
IHEP 2001 - 45
Y.V.Kharlov, D.A.Morozov, S.B.Nurushev, A.N.Vasiliev
Single-spin asymmetry of inclusive {\boldmath$\gamma$}-production in {\boldmath$p_{\uparrow}p$} interactions at 200 GeV/c
Protvino, 2001.-p.13, figs.6, tables 8, refs.:11.
IHEP 2001 - 46 (In Russian)
S.V.Ivanov, O.P.Lebedev
Stability Analysis of Feedback Loops in RF System of U70 Synchrotron
Protvino, 2001.- p.21, figs. 12, refs.:3.
IHEP 2001 - 47 (In Russian)
M.Yu.Bogolyubsky,N.S.Ivanova, A.F.Luk'yantsev, Yu.S.Nechaev
Software for Pictures Processing on the Base of PUOS-4 Projectors and IBM PC Compatible Computers
Protvino, 2001.- p.7, figs. 1, refs.:13.
IHEP 2001 - 48
A.G. Kholodenko, V.N. Riadovikov(ИФВЭ, Протвино, Россия),H.-G. Moser (Max-Planck Institut f"ur Physik, Munich, Germany), A.A. Antonov, I.G. Grigorieva, A.S. Kotosonov, G.G. Sazonov, D.V. Shilo(NIIGraphite, Moscow, Russia)
Comparison of the In-plane Thermal and Electrical Conductivities and Transverse Pull Strengths of Various Pyrolytic Graphite Materials
Protvino, 2001.-p.8, figs.7, tables 1, refs.:3.
IHEP 2001 - 50 (In Russian)
M.V.Vasil'ev, V.A.Sen'ko, M.M.Soldatov, Yu.P.Tsyupa
8-channel ADC module for amplitude signal analysis from vertex detector SVD-2
Protvino, 2001.- p.7, figs. 5, refs.:3.
IHEP 2001 - 51
I.V.Ajinenko, S.A.Akimenko, G.A.Akopdzhanov, K.S.Belous, I.G.Britvich,G.I.Britvich, A.P.Filin,, V.N.Govorun, A.V.Inyakin, V.F.Konstantinov, A.S.Konstantinov, I.Ya.Korolkov, V.A.Khmelnikov, V.M.Leontiev, V.P.Novikov, V.F.Obraztsov, V.A.Polyakov, V.I.Romanovsky,V.M.Ronjin, V.A.Senko, N.A.Shalanda, M.M.Shapkin, V.I.Shelikhov, N.E.Smirnov, A.A.Sokolov, O.G.Tchikilev, E.V.Vlasov, O.P.Yushchenko (Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia)V.N.Bolotov, S.V.Laptev, A.Polyarush, V.E.Postoev (Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow, Russia) S.V.Yaschenko, B.Zh.Zalikhanov, V.Z.Serdyuk (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna,Russia)
Study of the $K^{-}\!\!\rightarrow \pi^{0} e^{-} \nu $ Decay
Protvino, 2001.- p.8, figs. 6, tables 2, refs.:15.
IHEP 2001 - 52 (In Russian)
Yu.M.Antipov, N.E.Anferov, V.A.Batarin, A.V.Vasilevsky,Yu.P.Gorin, A.S.Gurevich,V.V.Davydov, Yu.G.Karshev,G.F.Kuznetsov, A.P.Mal'tsev, S.I.Pilipenko, V.I.Stolpovsky,V.A.Teplyakov, E.F.Troyanov, N.E.Tyurin, Yu.S.Fedotov,B.A.Frolov (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)V.P.Belov, A.Yu.Konstantinov, B.V.Rozhdestvensky, Yu.P.Severgin, I.A.Shukeylo (D.V. Efrernov Research Institute (NIIEFA), S.-Peterburg, Russia Yu.S.Dmitrienko, V.E.Klyuch, A.G.Konoplyannikov, Yu.S.Mardynsky, A.F.Tsyb (Medical Radiological Reseach Center, Obninsk, Russia)
Proton-Ion Beam Therapy Facility at IHEP
Protvino, 2001.-p.9, figs.7, tables 3, refs.:5.
IHEP 2001 - 53 (In Russian)
Low Threshold Discriminator for Chambers RPC
Protvino, 2001.-p.7, figs.6, tables 1, refs.:6.
IHEP 2001 - 54 (In Russian)
The Electronic Modules Set for the Multewire Proportional Chamber Readout System and Digital Pre-Processing of Data
Protvino, 2001.- p.10, figs. 5, refs.:6.
IHEP 2001 - 55 (In Russian)
S.V.Klimenko, N.G.Minaev, V.D.Samoylenko, V.K.Semenov, E.A.Slobodyuk
The Performance of the $e/\pi$ Rejection on the Trigger Level
Protvino, 2001.-p.10, figs.7, refs.:20.
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