Preprints 1999

IHEP 99 - 1 (In Russian)
A.P. Leonov
Towards the Problem of Synthesis of High Speed Quasi-Optimal Digital Control by Moving the Object to the Position
Protvino, 1999.-p.11, figs.2, refs.:5.
IHEP 99 - 2
S.M.Troshin, N.E.Tyurin
Beyond the Black Disk Limit: from Shadow to Antishadow Scattering Mode
Protvino, 1999.-p.20, figs.2, refs.:42.
IHEP 99 - 3
S.I. Alekhin
High twist contribution to the longitudinal structure function FL at high x
Protvino, 1999.-p.13, figs.5, tables 5, refs.:21.
IHEP 99 - 5 (In Russian)
A.A. Logunov, M.A. Mestvirishvili
Inertial Reference Frames and the General Relativity Principle in Gravitation Theory
Protvino, 1999.- p.19, refs.:6.
IHEP 99 - 6 (In Russian)
A.A. Durum, V.I. Kochetkov, V.V. Makeev, V.K. Semenov, A.P. Soldatov (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), V.A. Mayatsky, V.S. Naumov, V.M. Savinov (Polimersintez, Vladimir, Russia)
Study of the Light-Reflection Covers for Scintillator Counters with WLS Fiber Readout
Protvino, 1999.- p.6, figs.1, tables 1, refs.:11.
IHEP 99 - 7
V.Roinishvili (IPAS Tbilisi, JINR Dubna)
Sensitivity of Time-Dependent CP-Asymmetry Measurement Versus Time-Integrated One in B System
Protvino, 1999.-p.4, figs.2, refs.:4.
IHEP 99 - 8 (In Russian)
A.N. Vasiliev, A.M. Davidenko A.M., P.A. Semenov
A Special-purpose Amplitude Data Handling Controller for PROZA-M Setup
Protvino, 1999.- p 5, figs.1, refs.:9.
IHEP 99 - 10
L.D. Soloviev
Massses and Internal Structure of Mesons in the String Quark Model
Protvino, 1999.-p.32, figs.6, refs.:13.
IHEP 99 - 11 (In Russian)
P.T. Pashkov
Influence of BCS over Quadrupole Oscillations
Protvino, 1999.-p.13, figs.5, refs.:3.
IHEP 99 - 12
Yu.F. Pirogov O.V. Zenin
Vector-like family extension of the standard model and the light quark masses and mixings
Protvino, 1999.- p.10, figs.1, refs.:8.
IHEP 99 - 13 (In Russian)
E.M. Boldyrev
The Same Peculiarities of the Motion of a Ultrarelativistic in the Plane Monochromatic Electromagnetic Wave Field
Protvino, 1999.- p.11, refs.:3.
IHEP 99 - 14
C.Allgower, T.Kasprzyk, K.Krueger, H.Spinka, D.Underwood, A.Yokosawa (Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, USA), G.Bunce, H.Huang, Y.Makdisi, T.Roser, M.Syphers (Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York, USA), N.I.Belikov, A.A.Derevschikov, Yu.A.Matulenko, L.V.Nogach, S.B.Nurushev, A.N.Vasiliev, L.V.Nogach (Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia), M.Bai, S.Y.Lee (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA), Y.Goto, N.Hayashyi, T.Ichihara, M.Okamura, N.Saito (RIKEN, The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Japan), H.En'yo, K.Imai, Y.Kondo, Y.Nakada, H.Sato, (Department of Physics, Kyoto University, Japan), H.Okamura, H.Sakai, T.Wakasa (Department of Physics, University of Tokio, Japan), V.Baturine, A.Ogawa, (Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA), V.Ghazikanian, G.Igo, S.Trentalange, C.Whitten (UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA)
Measurement of single-spin asymmetries of pi+,pi-, and protons inclusively produced on a carbon target with a 21.6 GeV/c incident polarized proton beam. (BNL E925 Experiment)
Protvino, 1999.-p.32, figs.17, tables 14, refs.:29.
IHEP 99 - 15
Yu.F. Pirogov O.V. Zenin
Quark masses and mixings in the standard model with the heavy vector-like families
Protvino, 1999.- p.16, figs.3, refs.:11.
IHEP 99 - 16
Yu.E. Gutnikov, P.V. Pitukhin, V.K. Semenov
Estimation of the Muon Range with Low Efficiency Hodoscopic Counters
Protvino, 1999.-p.5, figs.4, refs.:7.
IHEP 99 - 18 (In Russian)
N.K. Bulgakov, A.P. Vorobev, V.F. Golovkin, S.N. Golovnya,A.G. Holodenko, Yu.P. Tsyupa, V.B. Chmil (IHEP, Protvino, Russia) N.V. Baranova, A.G. Voronin, D.E. Karmanov, E.N. Kuznetsov, M.M. Merkin (INF, RSU, Moscow, Russia)
Radiation Test of Silicon Detectors at Different Temperatures
Protvino, 1999.-p.13, figs.15, refs.:3.
IHEP 99 - 19
A.A. Logunov, M.A. Mestvirishvili
What Happens in the Vicinity of the Schwarzschild Sphere when Nonzero Graviton Rest Mass is Present
Protvino, 1999.- p.22, refs.:3.
IHEP 99 - 20 (In Russian)
D.V. Gorbatkov, V.P. Kryuchkov, O.V. Sumaneev
Flux-to-Dose Conversion Factors for Calculation of Absorbed Dose from High-Energy Hadrons
Protvino, 1999.-p.15, figs.9, refs.:24.
IHEP 99 - 21 (In Russian)
C. Marchal
Henri Poincaré: a Decisive Contribution to Special Relativity. (Translated from English by Kuyanov Yu.V)
Protvino, 1999.- p.12, refs.:16.
IHEP 99 - 23
A.I. Alekseev
Nonperturbative Power Corrections in anti-alpha s(q2) of Two-Loop Analytization Procedure
Protvino, 1999.- p.8, refs.:11.
IHEP 99 - 25 (In Russian)
A.G. Alekseev, N.N. Baranenkov, V.P. Kryuchkov (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), Yu.D. Mamontov (Nuclear Power Station, Udomlya, Russia)
Measurement Method of Neutron Field Characteristics with the Passive Radiation Monitor Based on TLD
Protvino, 1999.- p.13, figs.10, tables 3, refs.:16.
IHEP 99 - 27 (In Russian)
A.V. Artamonov, A.A. Aseev, A.M. Blik, M.Yu. Bogolyubsky, G.I. Britvich, M.O. Lobanov, N.G. Minaev, S.A. Sadovsky, V.D. Samoylenko, V.I. Suzdalev, P.A. Semenov, V.V. Tikhonov, Yu.V. Kharlov
On Possibility of Experimental Study of Rare $\eta$-, $\omega$-, $\eta'$-Meson Decays at the U-70 Accelerator
Protvino, 1999.- p.24, figs.16, tables 9, refs.:39.
IHEP 99 - 28 (In Russian)
Development of Superconducting Quadrupole with High Gradient on Nb3Sn Base
Protvino, 1999.- p.16, figs.13, tables 7, refs.:14.
IHEP 99 - 29
L.G. Landsberg
Searh for Exotic Baryons with Hidden Strangeness in the Experiments of the Sphinx Collaboration in Diffractive and Coulomb Production Processes
Protvino, 1999.-p.23, figs.14, tables 11, refs.:28.
IHEP 99 - 30
S.V.Golovkin, A.P.Kozhevnikov, V.P.Kubarovsky, V.F.Kurshetsov, L.G.Landsberg, V.V.Molchanov, V.A.Mukhin, S.I.Petrenko, V.A.Senko, D.V.Vavilov, V.A.Victorov(IHEP, Protvino, Russia), V.Z.Kolganov, G.S.Lomkatzi, A.F.Nilov, V.T.Smolyankin (ITEP, Moscow, Russia )
New Data on the p+N --> [Sigma - K+]+N Reaction at E-=70 GeV and the Search for Exotic Baryons
Protvino, 1999.-p.14, figs.8, tables 1, refs.:28.
IHEP 99 - 31 (In Russian)
A.N. Isaev,V.A. Sen'ko, V.I. Yakimchuk
The Apparatus of the MISS System for the Data Buffering
Protvino, 1999.-p.12, figs.6, tables 1, refs.:4.
IHEP 99 - 32
J.R. Cudell (Inst. de Physique, Universite de Liege, Belgium), V. Ezhela (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), K. Kang (Department of Physics, Brown University, Providence, USA), S. Lugovsky (IHEP, Protvino, Protvino, Russia), N. Tkachenko (IHEP, Protvino, Protvino, Russia)
High-Energy Forward Scattering and the Pomeron: Simple Pole versus Unitarized Models
Protvino, 1999.-p.19, figs.10, refs.:20.
IHEP 99 - 34 (In Russian)
M.A. Vdovichenko(Institute of Radioengineering, Electronics and Automation, Moscow, Russia), K.G. Klimenko (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), D. Ebert(University of Berlin, Germany)
Nonstandart Magnetic Oscillations in the Nambu -- Jona-Lasinio model
Protvino, 1999.-p.8, figs.1, tables 1, refs.:15.
IHEP 99 - 35
S.P. Denisov, S.V.Erin, N.N. Fedyakin
First results on a performance of proportional counters filled with C3F8
Protvino, 1999.-p.7, figs.6, refs.:3.
IHEP 99 - 36
A.G. Alekseev, N.N. Baranenkov, V.T. Golovachik, V.N. Lebedev
Passive Radiation Monitoring Based on Termoluminescent Detectors at IHEP
Protvino, 1999.-p.9, figs.8, refs.:7.
IHEP 99 - 37
A.V. Sannikov, E.N. Savitskaya
Physics of the HADRON Code: Recent Status and Comparison with Experiment
Protvino, 1999.-p.12, figs.12, refs.:34.
IHEP 99 - 39 (In Russian)
S.V. Ivanov, O.P. Lebedev
Damping of Beam Self-Bunching in U--70 Accelerator
Protvino, 1999.- p.13, figs.8, tables 1, refs.:9.
IHEP 99 - 40 (In Russian)
V.E. Rochev
On Nonperturbative Calculations in Quantum Electrodynamics
Protvino, 1999.-p.31, refs.:28.
IHEP 99 - 41 (In Russian)
A.A. Logunov, O.A. Khrustalev
In Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of N.N. Bogolubov
Protvino, 1999.-p.7
IHEP 99 - 42 (In Russian)
P.T. Pashkov
Main Principles of PS Theory
Protvino, 1999.-p.113, figs.38.
IHEP 99 - 43
A.A. Arkhipov
What Can we Learn From the Study of Single Diffractive Dissociation at High Energies?
Protvino, 1999.-p.25, figs.11, tables 2, refs.:36.
IHEP 99 - 44
A.A. Arkhipov
On the Relation between the Slopes of Diffraction Cone in Single Diffraction Dissociation and Elastic Scattering
Protvino, 1999.-p.3, refs.:8.
IHEP 99 - 45
A.A. Arkhipov
On Global Structure of Hadronic Total Cross-Sections
Protvino, 1999.-p.18, figs.9, tables 1, refs.:33.
IHEP 99 - 46 (In Russian)
V.G. Kartasheva
Study of Inclusive Spectra of Secondary Protons and Pions with Small Kinetic Energies and Their Wide Pair Correlations in pi- - interactions t 43~GeV/c
Protvino, 1999.- p.23, figs.9, tables 13, refs.:34.
IHEP 99 - 47
V.N.Evdokimov, P.I.Goncharov, Yu.P.Korneev, V.I.Kryshkin, V.S.Petrov, L.K.Turchanovich
Laser control system for scintillation calorimeter
Protvino, 1999.-p.17, figs.13, tables 1, refs.:13.
IHEP 99 - 48
V.V. Ezhela B.V. Polishchuk
Reanalysis of e+-p Elastic Scattering Data in Terms of Proton Electromagnetic Formfactors
Protvino, 1999.-p.31, figs.5, tables 9, refs.:31.
IHEP 99 - 49 (In Russian)
M.V.Vasiliev, V.A.Senko, M.M.Soldatov
16-Channel Charge-Sensitive ADC for Scintillating Calorimeters
Protvino, 1999.-p.10, figs.4, refs.:3.
IHEP 99 - 50
A.M.Blick, M.Yu.Bogolyubsky , S.V.Erin, Yu.M.Kharlov, M.O.Lobanov, Yu.V.Mikhailov , N.G.Minaev, V.C. Petrov, S.A.Sadovsky, V.D.Samoylenko, V.I.Suzdalev, V.A.Senko, V.V.Tikhonov
Test of a LED monitoring system for the PHOS spectrometer
Protvino, 1999.-p.7, figs.8, refs.:8.
IHEP 99 - 52
V.Ammosov, A.Ivanilov, V.Koreshev, Yu.Sviridov, V.Zaets,(IHEP, Protvino,Russia) A.Semak (Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute Moscow, Russia)
Multi-Strip Read-Out in RPCs: Cross-Talks and Cluster Size.
Protvino, 1999.-p.19, figs.13, refs.:14.
IHEP 99 - 53
V.Ammosov, A.Ivanilov, V.Koreshev, Yu.Sviridov, V.Zaets (Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia), A.Semak (Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute, Russia)
Study of SF6 Addition Influence on Narrow Gap RPC Performance
Protvino, 1999.-p.11, figs.9, tables 1, refs.:5.
IHEP 99 - 54
Study of the Total and Differential Cross Sections, and Polarization effects in pp Elastic Scattering at RHIC
Protvino, 1999.-p.7, figs.1, tables 1, refs.:17.
IHEP 99 - 55
The QCD renormalization scale stability of high twists and alpha-s in deep inelastic scattering
Protvino, 1999.-p.9, figs.9, refs.:10.
IHEP 99 - 56 (In Russian)
V.N. Larin
HECAS-2a Language. Brief Description.
Protvino, 1999.-p.13, refs.:3.
IHEP 99 - 57 (In Russian)
M.L. Nekrasov
Finite width Effects and Gauge Cancellations in W- and Z-Bozon Pproduction in Framework of Modified Perturbation Theory
Protvino, 1999.-p.24, refs.:26.
IHEP 99 - 58 (In Russian)
Yu.I.Ivanshin, N.G.Minaev
Using Neural Nets for Background Particle Identification in Jets in AA-Interactions
Protvino, 1999.-p.5, figs.3, refs.:6.
IHEP 99 - 59 (In Russian)
A.I. Kurnosenko
Inversive Invariant of a Pair of Circles
Protvino, 1999.-p.16, figs.7, refs.:10.
IHEP 99 - 60 (In Russian)
V.A.Medovikov, V.A.Senko, N.A.Shalanda
Electronic Equipment for Detection and Triggering in Nanosecond Range.
Protvino, 1999.-p.12, figs.10, refs.:3.
IHEP 99 - 61 (In Russian)
S.D.Agrienko (NPO "RADON", Sergiev-Posad, Russia), A.G. Alexeev (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), I.A. Burlaka (NPO "RADON", Sergiev-Posad, Russia), N.A. Karpov (MSU, Moscow, Russia)
Glow Curve Analysis Method for Linear Hearting
Protvino, 1999.- p.12, figs.5, tables 4, refs.:9.
IHEP 99 - 62
About the Relativity Invariant Method for the Construction of the One Parton or Two Partons Density Matrix
Protvino, 1999.-p.8, refs.:11.
IHEP 99 - 63
V.Bumazhnov, V.Semenov, A.Soldatov (IHEP, Protvino, Russia), V.Kochetkov (ITEP, Moscow, Russia)
LHC-B calorimeter trigger efficiency for process pp-->(Bd0-->pi+ pi-) + X at S1/2=14 TeV
Protvino, 1999.-p.50, figs.28, tables 13, refs.:4.
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